About Us

We are the Best grain wholesale Company in Mexico, with over 40 years of experience in the market.

We are located in Mexico City’s Central de Abasto, the world’s biggest wholesale market. We have 12,000 m2 (129, 166 sq ft) of storage space as well as two warehouses with railroad spurs to preserve products in the best conditions. Our strengths are experience and knowledge; our more than de 350 employees are properly trained to perform their jobs correctly and to strive every day to make this a better company.

Product Groups
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We have a team of sales representatives with broad experience in the market and trained to offer you personalized attention whenever you need it. They can advise you in creating the best business opportunities, as well as in any change on market trends.


Our team works to offer you the best service, allowing us to deliver shipments in due time and manner.


We have 30 lines to assist you. When placing orders, the Alazán team will provide you with the information you require and will help you:

• Orders and services.
• Prices and updates.
• Terms of service.
• Order tracking.


Our philosophy is to create the best business opportunities. Therefore, we are not limited to the selling of products. We always keep our customers well informed about market trends, changes and future prospects in order to help them make well-founded decisions. We also provide consulting and training regarding the pro- ducts we market, their storage and preservation, etc.

Our Mission Is

Develop the best business opportunities considering the quality and innocuousness of the products and the excellence in the service.

Contribute to the success, growth, innovation and development of our business partners.

Our Vision Is

To be the best wholesaler of bean and related products; based on the innocuousness and quality of our products and quickness in services, satisfaction and preference of our customers. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with society and the environment.

Our Core Values Are

Reliability, commitment, honesty, excellence in service, market knowledge, respect, innovation, decisiveness, perseverance, vision, teamwork and environmental awareness.

Alazan Culture

In this section we will find some of the events held for the staff of our company, events that contribute to personal development and work.


We have a lot of products, check our extensive catalog.